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Kobalt Air Compressor Problem

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  • Kobalt Air Compressor Problem

    I am currently having a problem with my Kobalt air compressor. This is the high volume compressor with the vertical 60 gallon tank and runs on 240V. It has worked very well for about three years. I noticed recently that the motor runs fine but the maximum pressure I can get out of the compressor is 40psi. I also noticed that when I checked the filter at the top of the pump (which normally has a lot of vaccum) now has a small amount of air coming out of it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Kobalt Air Compressor Problem

    Probably doesn't matter, but is this a lubricated or non-lubricated compressor?

    Your description almost sounds like you're getting blow-by in the valves. I'm not sure what kind of valves are employed in the design, but many compressors of this type use a finger-type valve. If the valve seat is dirty the fingers will not seal properly. In such case, a certain amount of air will escape the cylinder during compression causing a loss of efficiency (pressure won't be built up properly) and even some excape back through the intake, as you describe.

    This can also be combined with a loss of sealing pressure because if the valves are dirty or damaged, the piston rings often show similar problems; especially is the problem has existed for any lengthy period.

    So, inspect the intake port valves to the cylinder first as that is usually evidenced by air escape back through the intake filter. Hopefully, they just need cleaning.