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Difference in model numbers?

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  • Difference in model numbers?

    Hi, all. I'm interested in two of the combo kits that offer the tools I need: 1) the 4 piece R964 (hammer drill, impact driver, circular saw, recip saw), and 2) the X3 5 piece R963 (same tools + work light). These kits offer tools with different model numbers, though.

    4 piece:
    hammer - R8411503
    recip - R8442
    circ - R8452
    impact - R842301

    5 piece:
    hammer - R861150
    recip - R864
    circ - R865
    impact - R86230

    Does anyone know the difference between these models? Is one set older than the other? Made differently? Someone who wrote a review on Amazon for the 5 piece said, "This particular combo kit has been discontinued by the manufacturer [...] The tools in the kit are all upgrades to those tools now sold. Much stronger assembly; less plastic and more hard rubber, etc." Is this true?
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    Re: Difference in model numbers?

    The 4 piece kit is the X2 version and 5 piece is X3 version. The X3 seems to be the better of the set.

    The really wierd thing is; Home Depot SKU # is the same for both sets so the price is the same for either.

    The X3 set is NOT eligible for the free planer and $50 cash back


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      Re: Difference in model numbers?

      Thanks, plumberscrack.

      I noticed this about the SKUs at Home Depot also. I asked the person working there and they tried printing out a new label for the X3 and it still came out the same. They just shrugged and said, "That's the way it is." This can't be right, though.

      Right on the X3 not being eligible for the planer/$50 rebate. But it would be elgible for the friends and family "the more you buy, the more you save" rebate, I think.


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        Re: Difference in model numbers?

        As I think about it more, I'm worried about the fact that the 4 piece and 5 piece kits are registerd under the same SKU at HD and the problems this would cause for registering for the Lifetime Service Agreement. When the HD person tried printing out a new label for the 5 piece by scanning the UPS symbol on the box, the label still came out with the same price and it said, "4 piece" clearly on the label. Won't the receipt also say this? I'm worried then that when I go to register the product for the LSA, it will look like I am trying to register a 5 piece kit under a receipt for a different product/purchase--the 4 piece kit--and that the registration for the LSA will be denied. Any thoughts on how to make sure this won't happen?


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          Re: Difference in model numbers?

          I wouldn't worry about that too much. The Home Depot SKU doesn't come into play at all when registering your tools into the LSA Program. What you're seeing is an internal problem at HD and not at RIDGID.
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            Re: Difference in model numbers?

            I checked my reciept and it does does say 4 piece even though I bought the 5 piece.

            I chose to register my kit through the the website and not by the rebate form.

            Just document everything and keep copies. I don't believe they will deny us coverage on the LLSA if you have proof of purchase.

            It's Home Depot screwup not ours.


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              Re: Difference in model numbers?

              Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
              It's Home Depot screwup not ours.
              This is correct. A manufacture will come out with a new improve version of something to replace an existing model. HD will assign the new model's UPC to the the old model's SKU number. So there is now two different items with the same SKU number. This can be confusing to the customer and the HD employee but it makes sense to someone in the corporate office building.
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