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18 VDC Batteries not charging correctly

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  • 18 VDC Batteries not charging correctly

    Aboout a year ago I bought a 1/2 in Ridgid 18 V Drill/screw gun. It had two batteries and now neither one will screw more tha a handfull of screws in even after charging. I was told by home depot that I could bring in the drill,batteries and charger and they would be covered under waranty but they had to send them out. I never sent my card in for the waranty but they (HD) said it didn't matter. It this correct? HD said they (Ridgid) would replace the bats BUT I THINK IT IS THE CHARGER. I find it strange that BOTH bats got weak at the same time. In addition when I check the voltage on the pins of the bats I am betting inconsistant readings. Does that charger charge on two diffent charges and sets of pins?
    Thanks Paul
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