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  • Rotary Hammer Drill

    I am in the market for a rotary hammer drill and am looking for recommendations on the brand and model number of a drill that you folks might recommend. The drill will be used for drilling holes in concrete block and concrete slabs.

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    Re: Rotary Hammer Drill

    We've had this discussion several times and for my money and experience Hilti even used on ebay is the way to go. Model would depend on what size holes you are drilling? Drill bits are equally important, Hilti held up the best when I was doing this kind of work.


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      Re: Rotary Hammer Drill

      While I have never used a Hilti before I know a few people that have them and love it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and I have been more than happy with the Bosch 11240 I use at work and the Makita HR4010 C that I got on Fleabay for 300.00 for home use.

      That Bosch has been bounced around from job site to job site. It's been wet with mud all over it. It is has been abused and it just keeps going. I will say that I enjoy the smoothness of my Makita but in terms of drilling they are equal and I give a slight edge to the Makita in chipping.

      Durability, would definitely go to the Bosch. That thing should have been dead by now.

      Good luck in your decision, buying tools is fun. If you're really confused about which tool to get, set a price you are willing pay and research those models in that price range.

      Please let us know which one you bought and what you think of it.
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        Re: Rotary Hammer Drill

        I like both Bosch and Hilti. They both make great roto hammers. Just make sure you get one that is capable of drilling holes the size you need. Each model will list its drilling size range.

        Hilti also makes really good roto hammer bits, with cutting teeth twice the size of other brands. They will cost you more, but they are worth it.
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