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r3200 - oil?

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  • r3200 - oil?

    So I've recently purchased my first circular saw, a r3200. I'm not sure if I made the mistake of reading the manual in too much detail.... The users manual for the r3200 says the following:
    Wipe a drop of oil onto inner flange bushing and outer washer ("D" washer) where they contact blade
    And I'm sorta stumped on what type of oil they mean? I assume this is required, but at my local store they just gave me blade cleaner when I asked -- and I'm not sure if that seems right? While I'm here....... It also says this:
    Remove outer washer ("D" washer) and spring washer.
    Replace "D" washer.
    I assume this means that the spring washer gets tossed? Thanks for the help.

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    Re: r3200 - oil?

    Jeff......Welcome to the forum. I saw your post and thought someone else might answer the question because I was't sure of the correct response. Lets see if we can get this process kick started.
    The couple of drops of oil would be any general purpose lubricating oil. The reason for it is to eliminate corrosion and sticking of those parts if the blade is not changed for a long period of time.
    The washer issue hopefully will be addressed by another member. We have a number of circ saws, however I can't remember how they were packaged and what if any washers were disposed of. I would hang on to all of them until you get a definitive answer from someone on this forum who knows the answer..........Good luck, Ray


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      Re: r3200 - oil?

      I think they want the oil so the blade will slip[clutch] if it gets bound. CM saw I had from the 70's had a spring washer too. I do not want a slipping blade. I actually roughen/flatten the arbor washers slightly so they will not slip, esp. on coated blades like the red Freud's. That is just me.