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R86007 Drill/Driver Clutch Issue

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  • R86007 Drill/Driver Clutch Issue

    Need some help. Just purchased R9661 kit (special promo which includes R86007 compact drill/driver, 'Free' R86030 impact driver, (2) R840084 lithium ion batteries, R840091 single port charger, and heavy duty bag) and the R86007 is acting up. The slip clutch seems to work fine when the speed range is selected to 2 (high speed/low torque). If the speed range is set to 1, the clutch does not work - I tore up my hands trying to get the clutch to kick in with no luck - it doesn't matter if you select setting 1 0r 22.

    Here's where it gets strange...Figured I might have gotten a bad one out of the box. Home Depot gladly exchanged for a new one. You guessed it - same problem/behavior out of the box. Well, I took it back to the store and the orange apron and I opened up 4 other R86007 and they all had the same issue. Seems like a trend to me. Yes, I read the owner's manual and nothing is mentioned regarding this behavior. Has anyone experienced this behavior with the R86007? Any other ideas?

    I really like the new compact size but it seems like this issue should've been caught during the QA process before shipment. None of my other ridgid drill/drivers act like this. The HD SKU is 906-747 which is the same one as the regular 18 volt compact lithium ion driver/drill but the UPC is different for the one with the 'free' impact driver. (Special offer UPC 6-48846-05611-1). The regular price is $187.00 but given the 15% friends and family rebate and free compact 18 volt impact driver made me pull the trigger. The best deal in the world doesn't make up for a tool that doesn't operate properly.

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    Re: R86007 Drill/Driver Clutch Issue

    Were you able to fix your clutch issue?
    I just bought the R86007 from HD and it seems this one also has the same issue. LO gear (1) appears to be stuck on full torque, where as HI (2) gear has the clutch kick in. (albeit stubborn sometimes).
    The weird thing was that when i first took it out of the box, the clutch collar wouldn't rotate! Im not sure what i did to finally get it to click though all the clutch settings. Occasionally this collar gets stuck though...Very strange. I've only owned this drill for about a week. Not sure if im liking it though, if im limited to just 2nd gear clutch engagement.


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      Re: R86007 Drill/Driver Clutch Issue

      If you do a search you will find a post with the following statement........
      With this drill, the torque starts at 75 in lbs in the low speed. The drill is not defective. This is how this unit works.

      Best regards,

      Tim Beasley
      Consumer Response
      One World Technologies, Inc.
      If you think about it, having it work this way makes perfect sense as low gear would only be used in high torque applications. Hope this helps......Ray
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        Re: R86007 Drill/Driver Clutch Issue

        Originally posted by roadrashray View Post
        If you think about it, having it work this way makes perfect sense as low gear would only be used in high torque applications. Hope this helps......Ray
        As with most of the posters here, for me this operation does not make sense.

        1] fine clutch control is needed when doing accurate woodworking & driving (SPD 1)

        2] there's little need for fine clutch control when drilling (SPD2); actually, it's annoying.

        3] If high torque is needed at SPD1, there are higher clutch settings for that - that's what they're there for, after all.

        I purchased two of these and they both have the same issue. They're unusable; returned both.

        If the product was intentionally designed this way, it was an uninformed decision. If it's a defect, they should recall the product.

        There is a second issue with the R86007 - the brake is so sudden when the trigger's released, the chuck loosens & the bit/drill falls out after 10-15 uses, regardless of how well the bit is tightened in the chuck.

        Positives: impressive ergonomics, amazing balance. Not helpful though, if the product doesn't do what it was designed to.

        Why pay $200 for a driver that has no usable clutch & drops bits?