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    First things first. I have had several pressure washers over the years. Had an electric one 25+ years ago that didn't do the job. Bought one at a Pawn Shop that ran once, I have rented them and worked overtime trying to get the job done in time to avoid another charge, at least it worked.

    I've even got one from my Brother-in-Law but there's a reason he passed it to me. I rebuild the pump and had the Honda engine cranking on the first pull but it still didn't do the job. He refuses to take it back. I'll throw it on the back of the truck on his next trip down.

    My Bride has been after me for a couple of years about getting one. Almost pulled the trigger a couple of times on the $300 jobs at Lowes only to walk away from them when I see the number of them out front that had been returned.

    I started thinking about this and figured if I spend 3-400 bucks on one that works 2 or 3 times then what's the point. I started looking around and found your Ridgid 3000 psi model at Home Depot. Been studying about it for a month or so. Boys at the office thought I was crazy talking about a $600.00 pressure washer but I figure they would be borrowing it when their cheepo one putters out. I figured to pay a little more and get a quality washer that will last several years or more if treated correctly.

    So we decided to pull the trigger and made a road trip today, came back with a truck load of stuff included a new Pressure Washer. She goes shopping some more and I'm left setting up my new toy, life is good.

    I read HERE when shopping this unit about the troubles some have had about overfilling the crankcase so I made note not to do it, not sure how they did it but anyway. I found all the labels and instructions clear and understandable, there was no doubt what plug needed to be pulled.. while uncoiling the hose I saw it crimp over really bad, that concerned me and I decided to get a higher quality hose, just in case, leave this one as a spare sometime down the road. One complaint is two nuts were missing for the front support. No problem as I have a well stocked shop and didn't take a minute to find a suitable replacement. I don't know what the little wire loop thing and the square hunk of metal is for, I haven't read the manual completely yet, maybe it's there.

    Gas, oil good. Hooked up the water and purged the air out of the pump and had the Turbo nozzle on the wand. Gas on, switch on and choke set. I pulled the cord. Sputter...nothing. Pulled the cord. Nothing. Pulled pulled and pulled. Nothing. I notice it's getting harder to pull BUT! I remember about the water pressure getting to high and to unload the pump. Pulled the trigger and sure nuff water was underpressure but now unloaded.

    Pulled cord, nothing. I'm Stewing here. what's wrong with me. Is there something in my karma that tells me I can not have a pressure washer that works? Is there some past sin i'm paying for? I'm going to have to drive 120 miles round trip to take this thing back. Sorry, I don't give up that easy.

    Messed with the choke thinking I may be backwards. Maybe I have the choke open instead of closed. I pulled the lever all the way back. Pulled the Cord.

    Contact! Running smooth. I shut it off. Something has to be wrong. I pulled the cord again, Contact again and running smooth. I started to pull the choke back around and found it start to stall. Pulled the choke back to open and picked up the wand and WOW! We're washing! Life is good.

    Seems that it didn't need ANY choke to start the first time! I start working on the long neglected drive way and in no time i'm 1/4 of the way done. My Bride pulls up from her second shopping spree and ask how's it working. I dare not tell her about the choke issue/nonissue. She happy I finally have a pressure washer that works the first time. Life is indeed good.

    What's my point? Well when I was searching the internet to find out the good and the bad about the different models I was looking at it seemed only bad things were posted. I'm taking a few minutes to write about a good experience coming out of the box with my new Ridgid Pressure Washer.

    Feels like and works like a high quality pressure washer that I hope to get many years service out of. Thanks to the Ridgid folks and sorry for the long first post here. Will not be the last because I'll be looking for Ridgid on my tools for now on.
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    Re: New Pressure Washer

    Moon Puppy

    What model of Ridgid pressure washer did you purchase?

    Depending on exactly which engine is on it, I may be able to link you to where you can download a serious manual for your engine. They normally are well worth downloading, printing out and reading carefully.


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      Re: New Pressure Washer

      It's the RD80701. Thanks, I'd love to have the full manual on both the pump and engine if available.

      I'm the type who wants the service tech's manual on everything I get. Don't suppose that's laying around on the web somewhere do ya?

      Actually thinking about taking the day off work to finish the jobs I got to do with this thing!...


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        Re: New Pressure Washer

        Got out this am and ran my new RD80701 Power Washer for about 4 hours solid without as much as a hiccup. Ran one tank of gas dry. I could not be more satisfied.