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R4511 home-made throat plate problem

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  • R4511 home-made throat plate problem

    I have made 2 zero clearance throat plates for my R4511 and have the same problem with both. When I lower the blade (with the splitter attached) the anti-kickback pawls dig into the new throat plate material and stops the blade from lowering. The first plate is made from UHMW and the second one from plywood. The plate that comes with the saw has a metal insert where the pawls ride. I suppose I could route out the area and glue in a metal plate on the wood insert, but UHMW is slippery stuff, I doubt anything would stick.

    Has anyone made a ZC insert for their r4511? If so how did you solve this problem. Thanks, Mike

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    Re: R4511 home-made throat plate problem

    I had the same problem with my shop-made plywood ZCI before I removed the blade guard/riving knife assembly and installed a low profile shop-made riving knife. Before that relacement, I simply held the pawls up when I needed to make significant adjustments in the blade height. I am considering reinstalling the original blade guard assembly for the added safety protection of the guard and pawls.