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  • Milwaukee Rebar Scanner

    Don't know what happened to Milwaukee but someone lit a fire under their butt. They're coming out with all kinda new toys. Here's the latest one.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.

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    Re: Milwaukee Rebar Scanner

    saw it last week at home depot. not too much info at the store. salesman told me to buy it and if i didn't like it, bring it back in 30-90 days?

    i would rather research it than buy the tool and bring it back.

    remember that milwaukee is also owned by tti. same as the ridgid cordless line.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Milwaukee Rebar Scanner

      The milwaukee is still a bit pricey although I haven't seen what it can do.

      I did get a bonus tool when I bought a Bosch hammerdrill last week. This works pretty well.
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        Re: Milwaukee Rebar Scanner

        Both tools look awesome. I've used the Bosch multi-detector - it's an excellent little tool. I would however like to see Ridgid come out with the same item as the Milwaukee scanner, so that I can use it in conjunction with the 12 volt batteries from my Ridgid lithium micros 3/8" 12-volt driver.