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  • Sunday Powertool Ban

    Quebec town bans power tools on Sundays

    Last Updated: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | 9:54 PM ET Comments242Recommend64

    CBC News

    A Quebec municipality is banning the use of power tools on Sundays with a new bylaw that has angered some contractors in the region, who say they'll lose business under the regulation.
    The town of Granby, located about 90 kilometres east of Montreal, adopted the bylaw at a city hall meeting Monday night with a vote of 7-2, despite vocal opposition from local residents, who signed a petition denouncing the new anti-noise regulation.
    The bylaw forbids people from using construction tools such as table saws and drills on Sundays.
    "Every time we make a bylaw it's usually because the minority is not respecting the majority," said Granby Mayor Richard Goulet.
    That's not a good enough reason to ban the use of power devices, said SĂ©bastien Ouellet, a contractor who launched the petition to try to stop bylaw. "This bylaw makes no sense," said Ouellet. "It's going to mean we will lose out on business.
    Ouellet collected almost 1,500 signatures from people opposing the regulation.
    RĂ©al DesGens, who signed the petition, predicts his power tool rental business will drop about 20 per cent once the rule takes effect.
    Some people only have the opportunity to do home renovations or repairs on the weekend, and under the new bylaw, they'll have even less time, he said.
    The bylaw allows the use of lawnmowers on Sundays.
    Fines for a first-time offence will range from $150-$1,000.
    The bylaw comes into effect at the end of August.

    Sure glad I donot live there. Anyone want to move there, get at least one day off a week and get to go shopping for new tools. I wonder if the local hardware stores will have a run on old fashion handtools?

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    Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

    LOL, that's a crock. What about weed whackers and leaf blowers? They make more noise than a drill. Gotta love politicians.


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      Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

      Shouldn't it be a ban on tools that make noise above a certain DeciBel, be it electric or gas powered. I have some relatively quiet electric power tools, my lawnmower is lauder.

      The town I work in has a ban on construction every day after 6:00 PM and all day Saturday and Sunday. They even had a dog nuisance law, they would enter your property and impound your dog if you were not home.


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        Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

        the joy of big brother,
        (I wonder if this applies to the EMS, when extracting some one from an accident),
        Shouldn't it be a ban on tools that make noise above a certain Decibel,
        may be it should be a ban on government officials and politicians that spew Bull $hit at a decibel that can be heard,

        one inmate to another in jail,
        "hey Joe, What you in for?" "I ran my drill on sunday hanging up a picture for my wife, and my drill was not regesterd as well, nor did I have a permit for it. and you?",
        other inmate,
        "Oh I was caught using a power saw making a bird house for my boy. Yes I had jsut bought it and was unaware one needed to have a 14 day waiting period on it as well, before using, and no bird house permit here, I may be in deep do do, here."
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          Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

          Not far from me there is an incorporated community that bans all outdoor activities where any noise making device is used during the hours of 6pm - 8:30am Monday - Saturday and all day on Sunday. This means NO evening outdoor parties at all. They do allow you to mow and weed trim your yard on Sunday if there has been rain on Saturday and the place is a mess. You can only get it under control and you may only use power equipment one device at a time and only from 2-4pm on that Sunday. Lawn services may NOT use blowers or multi spindle mowers. All lawn machinery must meet strict noise codes.

          Anymore we are all slaves to government and they are The All Mighty Master over us. They control everything even our thoughts. I think it's time for the 50 million angry citizen army to be formed and show up in Washington, DC with our shovels, picks and pitch forks. You can figure out the rest.
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            Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

            Great idea Sunday is my day off where I sleep in, there is nothing worse than a handy man or women with their lawn mowers or power tools making all that noise before 10am in the morning and when I get up and make a caffe latte and read the papers in silence.



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              Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

              while I think this is stupid, I think the complaint of "losing business" is a bit misleading.

              Yeah you can't work that day, so you have less hours in a week you can work. But when I think of losing business, I generally think more in terms of losing the job to another contractor. The other contractor can't work on Sunday either, so if you lose the job to them there were more factors in the equation than just a day off.


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                Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                Problem is up here we only have so many days that it is practical to pour concrete (April to November) for walkways (stamped concrete) or garage pads. After that you are into heavy equipment to break through the frost and adding calcium, quick dry and hay bales. With the amount of rain this year good pour days are few and far between, we need weekends to dig and form. Seasonal work often requires 7 days a week.


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                  Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                  20 yrs ago when i moved from NY to PA a little town Sundays were like a ghost town ,nothing open even it bigger towns
                  now the past 10 yrs there are a lot of stores open on sun . but there are still a lot that are not .
                  if i need to cut the lawn on sun i wait until noon and wont do it after 4pm on sun either .

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                    Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                    Sounds like those politicians need to be introduced to to a roofers tar pot feathers & a rail ride out of town.

                    Politics = poli meaning many ticks meaning blood suckers. That is what we seem to have. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

                    Also loud car stereos & loud motorcycles, & mouthy know it all politicians need to be banned.
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                      Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                      I guess one needs to be aware of where and where NOT to live. But that said, I think I would rather see certain other types of noise bans, rather than just a blanket "no power tools".

                      I'm quite sensitive to noise, in spite of the fact that my hearing is not nearly what it used to be. But, I have some real difficulties with contractors and home owners who feel that they have to start at the crack of dawn and will continue well into the late evening, with little or no regard to the fact that neighbors to the job site are going to be disturbed. But even than, a lot depends on the type of noise that they are generating. Saws, drills, hammers, and the like, don't bother me very much... mostly because they are not continous. But, I think a homeowner has to have the sensitivity and tolerance to take into account their neighbor's; whether they're the one who has the project or are living next to the project.

                      Personally, I cannot stand leaf blowers, un-muffled lawn mowers and most of all, radios and similar sound equipment. I will be tolerant of power equipment and even lawn mowers and leaf blowers, as they are generally short-time nuisances. But I will not tolerate having to listen to somebody's radio for even an hour! If you cannot work without a radio, then get headphones, but I certainly don't need to hear your kind of entertainment anymore than you would want to hear mine!

                      Generally speaking though, I think "bans" such as this, usually come about because without some rules, things get out of hand, quickly. While I understand some poor contractor's plight, I don't see that they are loosing business, as the rule applies to all contractors and/or projects. People need to have some solice in their homes and if it reaches a point where 24/7 there's no sanctuary, even in our own homes, from such disturbance, than what kind of world have we created for ourselves.

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                        Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                        All the bans on noise are ok as long as lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers & jet airplanes & prop airplanes, cars & motorcycles & loud stereos are included. I'd like to plant my #9 boot in Mayor Richard Goulet's butt for only one reason he helped make it ok for one kind of noise maker to make their noise but made it illegal for others to make their kind of noise. This is why I don't like any kind of politician they only see things the way they want to see them. They are like a 1 way glass with blinders. He's wrong & knows he's wrong but has himself in so deep in the poo factory he can's see anything but brown.

                        The way around this is to put lawn mower motors on your floor model woodworking tools.

                        "A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." -- Thomas Jefferson
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                          Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                          So what if you work Saturday and Sunday and your days off are Monday and Tuesday. Shouldn't you have a day with peace and quiet too. Tuesday would be your Sunday so no noise on Tuesday.


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                            Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                            It's really pretty simple. Friendships and quality of life are worth far more than huge amounts of $$$ and the greedy for $$$ need to see the business end of "Yea Olde A$$ Blaster" in a big way. Caring people on the other hand should be able to really enjoy life and some good friendships.


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                              Re: Sunday Powertool Ban

                              Yes but on what day of the week?