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RidGid 18 volt Li Ion Charger died...

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  • RidGid 18 volt Li Ion Charger died...

    Bought a combo Ridgid drill (8600) and impact driver (8823) 18 volt Lithium Ion with charger for home use (not commercial). After about a year the single station charger died. Totally dead, no lights, no hum, nothing. Called Maine Tool Services in Westbrook, ME, he said said he would look at it. Sent it in -- a month later after six or eight calls (no answer, I just left messages on the machine) I get a Rapid Max Twin battery charger (G0329) in the mail. So I put both batteries in the charger, the green light on one side starts to blink but not the other side. Fiddled with switching sides, nothing works. Check on the internet and it seems the Rapid Max Twin is for NiCad or Ni Metal Hydride not Li Ion! If this is correct then I may have fried my Lithium batteries. The charger does not say which batteries to charge (by type) but it does list some battery part numbers (in very tiny print) And my batteries sat around here totally discharged for a month.

    So what do I do? The guy at Maine Tool can't be bothered to answer his phone and when I talked to him initially he just answered in monosylables, "Yes", "No" "Maybe" etc.

    Am I SOL or is there another option to try?


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    Re: RidGid 18 volt Li Ion Charger died...

    Bob......Bummer about the service problem you are having. You are correct that the Rapid Max Twin was not designed to charge LI batts. Maybe Probrand will see this post and offer to help.
    I would gather all my information together and call Ridgid customer service at command central. If you don't have the number, scroll to the bottom of this page, click on Ridge Tool and follow the steps.
    Let us know how it goes......Ray