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Rigid Compressor Problem

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  • Rigid Compressor Problem

    I bought an OL50135W compressor over a year ago. It stalled shortly after I purchased it. How do I check for a jam verses a burned-out motor?

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    Re: Rigid Compressor Problem

    If it "stalled shortly after [you] purchased it", and it was within the 90-day satisfaction guarantee/return policy of HD, you could have returned/exchanged it then, to solve still having this issue a year down the road.

    However, now that you're at this point, I recommend you bring it to your local service center to have it looked at, as if you dig into it yourself and damage any components, you may void the warranty. You can pop the compressor's pump head cover to see if there's a jam, and/or can also check voltage flow / continuity levels with the motor, but if you don't know what you're doing, you can mess things up. It has a 3-year warranty on it, so bring it to a service center to have it checked over.