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pressure washer w/cat pump

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  • pressure washer w/cat pump

    Rigid 3000 PSI model RD80701 couple questions
    not much information about cat pump in owners manual on top of pump is there adjustment to increase and lower the pressure. Also I purchase the rotating nozzle tip works great but seems like when I shut off and restart it gasp for water and don't have the pressure when started. Is the machine suppose to idle down when trigger is not squeezed. My previous machine not a rigid always ran full throttle and to start you had to squeeze trigger and pull then keep squeezing trigger on and off to get air out. when I do that to my new machine engine revs up and down when trigger is on and off seems to me it creates air any helpful input would be appreciated

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    Re: pressure washer w/cat pump

    Yeah there should be some sort of pressure adjustment at the unloader. Instead of trying to change pressure like that I simply use tips that have larger orifice sizes than the stock tips that came with my machine. More flow and less pressure if I need it.

    Most PWs do idle down some when there is no load on the engine. My PW has a hose that connects part of the pump to the engine's governor and idles down quite a bit when under no load or low pressure such as foaming with detergent. Then when in high pressure mode it kicks back in to full throttle for MAX power. This helps with fuel efficiency and pump life.

    Don't quite understand what you're saying about air getting into the lines. Sounds like you might have cavitation issues, meaning not enough water pressure/volume to satisfy the pump. Just a thought. Later!