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Using the EB4424 for sharpening

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  • Using the EB4424 for sharpening

    Hi Guys,

    Have any of you used the EB4424 oscillating sander for sharpening tools? I've got a few ideas for different jigs that would make this work for me and I've found a few sources on the web for 4" x 24" belts up to 600 grit.

    my jig idea is to simply fasten a v-grooved piece of stock to a miter guage. This will let me hold a gouge or skew at the proper angle to the belt sander.

    Has anyone tried this? What are your thoughts before I spend a few bucks on these sanding belts?


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    Re: Using the EB4424 for sharpening

    600 may be ok for a rough sharpen but way to course IMO to be used for a final finish on a blade.


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      Re: Using the EB4424 for sharpening

      Good idea Sarge, but I agree with Wayne that you would need a much finer grit paper to take the edge to anywhere near sharp.

      I think what you propose would be a good way to get a bevel that was way off back to a starting angle and then finish with the scary sharp method progressing your way through finer papers.
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