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TS2424 modification?

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  • TS2424 modification?

    I bought a TS2424 several years ago when my shop was an unheated detached building.
    I now have a basement inside shop and have a dust collection system for all my tools except the table saw. Have been puzzling how to modify my saw for the most effecient dust collection and just saw my brothers TS3650(which he bought on my recommendation). It has a blade cover/dust collection chute that might be my solution----IF the pieces for the 3650 can be adapted to my TS2424.

    Anyone try that yet?
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    Re: TS2424 modification?

    i have a 2412 and used a ridgid accessory to do what this product does better:

    it should fit between the leg stand and the saw. easy to install and, if you can restrict the airflow throught the rear opening in the saw cabinet, the dust collection is very good.
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      Re: TS2424 modification?

      I removed part of the blade cover on my ts3650 and added the penn state dust cover, closed the back of the saw and everything works great. Quality of the dust cover is pretty good. Pat