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  • Which air compressor to buy

    I have need for compressor for simple air cleaning jobs; re cleaning benches, garage, taking water off bike chains, etc.

    I have looked at many and am confused. Seem to like your of25150; would this be a good machine to get? It seems light wt. Also, as i will be moving it from place to place.

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    Re: Which air compressor to buy


    Do you really need a high-pressure air stream (a compressor) to do such "cleaning" jobs? Just asking, but that seems like an expensive investment to just blow dust/debris/moisture off the surface of things as you mentioned.

    I only mention this, as I have two air compressors including a small 2 gal portable used for my nailers and occasional inflation; and, I have a wheel mounted 33-gal that I use in the shop for both tasks as well as driving air tools, finish spraying, etc. But I rarely use them for blowing/cleaning, relagating that task to blower end of my shop vac.

    I have both large and a small vacs and use a tapered nozzle for air acceleration. Problem (IMO) with using high-pressure air is that it's sort of dangerous, often hurling dust and debri at higher velocities than I care.

    I usually vac first and then use the blower end of the sense in just spreading the dust elsewhere.

    This is just my opinion of course, but I thought it worth mentioning.

    Of course if you're really set on using a compressor, almost any unit will do for short bursts. But if you use need to blow air in a manner like you would use a vac, then you're going to use a lot of air and you need to be aware that the larger the tank the better. A cleaning nozzle will dump a tank pretty quickly and with a small tank that is designed mostly for nailers and small air tools, you'll find the compressor motor coming on quickly and running hard trying to keep up with your demand.

    BTW, George... Welcome to the Ridgid forum. There's lots of nice people here who are happy to share their experience and expertice and certainly welcome your constructive opinions and experience too.

    I hope this helps,

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      Re: Which air compressor to buy

      You start with a compressor for cleaning, and then you discover how usefull compressed air tools can be! You then see that your compressor is too small!
      Therefor, get a compressor that's 2 or 3 sizes bigger than you originally intended, and enjoy it!
      Greetings from Norway!!


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        Re: Which air compressor to buy

        If you end up buying a larger compressor buy one that has a pump that is oil lubricated. It will last you a lifetime versus the oilless.


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          Re: Which air compressor to buy

          Campbell Hausfeld has an 8 gallon wall mount air compressor that you can add on 2 more 8 gallon tanks. I believe you can also use the extra tanks as portable compressed air.
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