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  • Craftsman Band Saw

    Anybody have any idea where I can gets parts for a Craftsman Band Saw: moedel 103.24280. Sears does carry the parts anymore and I need a source. thanks Tim

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    Re: Craftsman Band Saw

    I believe that saw was made for Sears by a company called King Seeley. Try posting over at this site. Someone there may be able to direct you to a source.
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      Re: Craftsman Band Saw

      I tried Sears PartsDirect but it must be too old, there are no parts listed but it is recognized as a Craftsman BS.

      If you browse the OWWN site that Dave gave you, you might come up with a similar model that is a couple years newer, then go to the Sears Parts page and try again.

      What parts in particular are you looking for? Maybe someone on here has an old BS that is good for parts or knows where one is laying and slowly disintegrating into rust.

      You could also try a freebie ad in a local shopper newspaper. Ya never know what you might turn up.
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