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worm drive circ saw

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  • worm drive circ saw

    Had the 3210 worm drive saw given to me noticed that was no oil, the saw seems to run fine but was wondering the poss. of damage to saw. Noticed that the blade guard hits blade anyone know of a fix?

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    Re: worm drive circ saw

    These questions force me to ask, what are you a "service tech" of? Anyway I am going to proceed as if these are legitimate questions from someone honestly looking for help.
    Welcome to the forum. Hopefully when you noticed that there was no oil in the saw, common sense kicked in, and you put some in. If not, you should do so ASAP because yes operating it without oil will cause damage and eventual destruction of the gears that the oil is intended to lubricate. The analogy would be driving your car without lubrication in the differential. Hopefully the gears have not already been destroyed.
    The blade guard hitting the blade would indicate that the saw has been dropped and the blade guard has been bent or cracked so that it is out of alignment causing it to hit the blade. Operating such a powerful saw with the guard hitting the blade is a dangerous situation and should be corrected before it is used again. If you turn the saw over you will notice that the guard rotates around the same axis as the blade. I'm not going to explain the procedure for correcting the problem for a couple of reasons. The guard and the body of this saw are both made of magnesium. Magnesium is much more brittle than steel and if not worked with correctly will break. There is the possibility that when the saw was dropped the case was cracked causing the oil to leak out. I suggest you take the saw to a Ridgid repair center and ask if it can repaired for safe operation.
    Good luck....Ray


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      Re: worm drive circ saw

      Completely agreed, Ray. Good call.


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        Re: worm drive circ saw

        Thanks for the info, and no I did not oper. saw without oil, I know oil is important hell some people don't even know about the oil. Lower blade guard assembly ques. was about a poss. recall. Blade is making contact with guard where guard is not compl. round, no visible damage guard. I'm a service tech. not a tool expert thats why I asked a ques. in this forum, but thanks for the info.