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3000 psi Pressure Washer (RD80903) problem

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  • 3000 psi Pressure Washer (RD80903) problem

    Used my new pressure washer yesterday and was pleased with the pressure and cleaning ability. One thing that seemed odd was as soon as I turned on the hose water, it immediately came out the wand. I didn't pull the wand trigger and pulling it (and releasing it) didn't make a difference. Once I started the pressure washer, the water stopped and the trigger worked. And once I turned it off and released the pressure, it stopped working again (water flowed freely out of the wand).

    My previous pressure washer didn't work this way. You had to pull the trigger to get any water, whether the engine was running or not.

    So do I have a problem with the wand trigger? And is there something I can check or should I call Ridgid in the morning?


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    Re: 3000 psi Pressure Washer (RD80903) problem

    As it turns out, the wand trigger was defective. Ridgid sent me a new wand (can't replace just the trigger) and works fine now.


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      Re: 3000 psi Pressure Washer (RD80903) problem

      Same thing happened with mine, 3300psi model. I just got it setup and turned on the water and it leaks out he front. So do I have to go through ridgid for a repair, or see if the HD I bought it from will swap the wands out from their last unit?