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  • excessive heat

    Should the head (gear box) of a recipricating saw Model 3002 get hot?

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    Re: excessive heat

    I would think so, as that is where a lot of the action/stress takes place. I have the R3000 Recip and have noticed that the whole thing get's pretty darn warm/ hot as I'm chewing through some tough timbers. Whether that heat is from the motor area and just dissipating through the entire housing or whether it is from the motor and the gear box together, I really don't know. But, the unit definitely heats up to a point where it was a big concern the first time I experienced it.

    However, despite the heat generated, the saw performed flawlessly. But still, when things warm up that much I have a tendency not to want to push it, and give the saw a rest for awhile.

    I basically look at it from the point of view that this saw is really being driven hard as it's doing demolition work. It would be interesting if others have experienced the same concern and also whether or not other brands like the favored Milwaukee recips do the same thing.

    Anybody else have any experience with this?