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  • JPO06101 Jointer

    I use this jointer mostly for edge jointing to glue up boards. I had the knives sharpened and was in the process of aligning everything. I placed a straight edge across the outfeed to infeed wings and my infeed wing is lower at the furthest edge of the wing to the blades by 1/16 inch. I cannot find any adjustment for this in the manual as the wings are all dovetailed into the base. I was just getting the wings aligned before I set the blades, but now I'm worried about parallel wings and the tape it will make on my boards. Could anyone one offer a suggestion please?

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    Re: JPO06101 Jointer

    This can happen if the gibb screws have loosened. There is a bit of slop between the two dove tails to allow the tables to move. The gibb screws allow you to take out the slop, make the tables parallel and still allow them to move