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    Re: cordless drill

    Well I'm mostly yellow...just never had much luck with ridged batteries.
    Lately I've been getting some 12 volt Milwaukee tools,light weight and a nice selection.


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      Re: cordless drill

      I don't care who's product you get the battery's will crap out in time,

      so prepare to replace batteries ever few years, (Ridgid may cover them under the life time agreement)

      cordless tools IMO tools (batteries) seem to last longer if used regularly, (if your a home owner and only use occasionally you may find nearly ever time you go to use them the batteries will be down),

      I am under the impression that most of the major companies make a quality unit,
      Dewalt, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Makita, etc,

      I prefer a line of tools, than and individual tool, as I got started in the Dewalt 18 volt platform, and have added tools over the years, to my collection, (adding batteries along the way), I have bought some bare tools as well,

      If you get a yellow one here, and a blue one there and a orange one now, the batteries do not interchange and the chargers will not cross charge,
      so IMO that creates a problem, (and insted of replacing one or two batteries you many be needing to replace many batteries to keep things going),

      I think the other consideration is who sells the products, some products are sold by many outlets, and some are only sold by one outlet, and your at the mercy of the retailers and what they decide to carry.
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        Re: cordless drill

        Well put, BHD. There are pros and cons to everything, even - - power tools.

        Everyone needs to take eveything with a grain of salt, sort through all the advertising hype, and make the choice that best suits you, the purchaser.