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TS3660 Fence/Rails Question + General Setup.

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  • TS3660 Fence/Rails Question + General Setup.

    My fence has some play in it from side to side it when not locked down. Ican 'wiggle' it a bit in the pocket of the front ral. Should it be able to wiggle a little like that, or should I tighten the nut on the back of the fence tight enuff so that it can't? I tried that, but then it was very hard to slide the fence left/right. I tried loosening that nut in small increments, but I never found that 'sweet spot' with it. Maybe I should tighten it and wax both rails.

    MY main concern is that, with the play in the fence, sometimes when I lock it, it skews towards the fence ( but not always )... Very bad.

    Any suggestions on what to do?

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    Re: TS3660 Fence/Rails Question + General Setup.

    Waxing the rails is a good idea and continue to hunt for that sweet spot, it's there. There really shouldn't be very much wiggle at all in the fence even when its not locked down.
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