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    My RIDGID Power washer was running great, ran out of gas put new gas in the tank, then the washer only runs on high RPM and then when pressure is built up the washer dies out, will not idle. It is a year old. Also same time the soap stopped sucking soap with the soap nozzle on.

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    Re: Power Washer

    post your model number
    this is still under warranty unless its bad fuel or water in tank
    explain how things quit working a little better, if it ran out of gas the soap will stop at the same time,
    the pressure should build as soon as the engine starts, not when it builds,sound like you have a pump problem there
    if the engine runs good at full speed does the pump work
    can you hear the engine change speed or tone when you pull the trigger


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      Re: Power Washer

      Not under 1 year warranty any more.

      Soap just stopped working. Put finger on the tube does not even suck.

      Will post model number.

      You start it it run on high until pressure on the pump builds then it blows some water on the grown runs on high. Then if it does not blow the water it just dies. Have to pull trigger and release pressure to get started again.


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        Re: Power Washer

        more than likely there is some thing wrong with the pumps unloader/pressure regulator
        I would doubt if the running out of fuel has any thing to do with it the pressure problem just more than likely happened at the same time.

        my guess is some sand or a chunk of some thing in the piping or hose, or corrosion if there was some time between the time restarting it,

        the soap problem may or may not be related to the unloader problem, more than likely some light corrosion or clog is to blame there, most pressure washers need to drop the pressure for the soap injector to work, so a soap nozzle is used or a special nozzle holder that is twisted and a lower pressure stream of water is discharge.

        this page will give one a little more info on unloading valves, (not a Ridgid page).
        (not endorsing the site or it products but the info is good),

        (a lot of good info on this second page look around some some trouble shooting tips and so on)
        another page much the same info, but there is a link on this on that show a little of what and how a basic unloader works,
        as well as some on the pumps on a average washer,

        I would suggest a water filter put in line before the washer pump on pressure washers or jetters,
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          Re: Power Washer

          these have a 3 year warranty if used for home use, the cat pumps can be repaired, ridgid does not offer internal parts for the ar pump,replace only

          does sound like the unloader is stuck, where does the water leak from, between the head and pump body or from the thermal relief valve
          try holding the trigger down when you start it, see if it builds good pressure while holding trigger, if it does but stalls when you let up, the unloader may just need cleaned

          has it sat for a while
          dont worry about he chemical injector till you get the pump working, this will be a simple fix after the pump works


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            Re: Power Washer

            I have the same problem as kenvic1012. My Rigid 3000 is about 9 months old. It has been running great until I used it the last time. I had shut down to do something but when I tried to restart the washer it came on for a about 5 seconds then shut off. Several attempts yielded the same result. It appears that the engine always shuts off after pressure has built up in the pump itself. I used the same procedure as mentioned earlier by letting the pressure off the gun before pulling to start. When it finally ran the water pressure was noticeably low and it was apparent that the engine was not running at optimum. I pulled the spark plug. Cleaned it on a wire wheel and sprayed it down with brake cleaner. Stuck it back on and it ran like a charm. Funny thing is the plug looked good when I pulled it off to clean. No black carbon or any sign of fouling. Any theories?????