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    After a long hiatus on these forums I've returned and thought I'd share something.

    As I'm sure many of you know, the B&D VPX line has been discontinued. Well I was at the local hardware store last month and saw the 3-piece set (light, 7v driver, and cut saw) for $20. The regular price was something like $100. I'm a sucker for (seemingly) good deals so I picked one up to try it out. Here are my thoughts:

    Light - Nothing special here. I've compared it to my handful of other LED lights and it doesn't outshine (sorry) any of them. The fact that it uses proprietary batteries is a turnoff from a practical perspective, however it is nice that it's rechargeable. I don't have any data on how long the battery lasts.

    Driver - Keep in mind this is the single-battery, 7v driver. I've used it for small jobs around the new apartment and it's worked great. I probably drove a couple dozen screws with it and a few pilot holes and have yet to recharge the battery. Granted, that's nothing special, but that's the only indication of battery life that I have so far.

    I think I read, either on the box or in the manual, that it's "variable-speed." That would be a stretch of advertising freedom. Their definition of variable speed is apparently a low and high gear. The trigger is either on or off.

    As for power, again, no hard data, but driving 2 1/2" drywall screws through drywall and into studs was no problem. I even snapped the head off one of them, which was surprising. I've never had any other similar drivers so I have no comparison.

    Cutsaw - I haven't used this much so far but the biggest complaint I've read elsewhere is that it burns through the battery quickly. It's great that it uses standard jigsaw blades, but I don't see all that much use for the saw. Seven volts severely limits its usefulness. It might be good for tree trimming of small branches (more fun than loppers?), or some craft uses. It could probably breeze through PVC pipe, though.

    Overall - I'd say this set is worth the $20 for the driver alone. But like I said, I don't have any experience with any other compact drivers like this, so I have no comparison. But I do like it for what it does. I might find some specialized uses for the cutsaw, but I doubt I'll ever reach for the light instead of one of my many other flashlights. I was so happy with it, for the price, that I got another 3-piece (which I later sold to my roommate since he offered me $10 profit) as well as a cutsaw, battery, and charger for $10 that I'll just keep for the spare battery.

    These are, of course, by no means professional tools, but they sure are handy to have around the house. Since they've been discontinued, there might be some great deals out there.

    Any other thoughts on these? I wish I could test them out more but I don't get to use my tools very much since I've moved to an apartment.