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RIDGID 3800 4.0 Pressure Washer problems starting

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  • RIDGID 3800 4.0 Pressure Washer problems starting

    I have a brand new power washer and simply having issues starting my ridgid power washer. When I pull the start pull at first it would snap back and felt like my fingers almost got ripped off numerous times. I took a rest at starting it and almost started was going for maybe 2 seconds lol then stopped. I then proceeded to pull the starter and now it won't move at all and, if it does move it's really hard to pull the string and cannot get it to go. This is my first experience with my machine. I have read all over and everyone else seems to have a different story with easy starting with one pull which I find strange. What can I do I would hate to drag this thing back to the store.

    Thanks Roger

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    Re: RIDGID 3800 4.0 Pressure Washer problems starting

    Sounds like you're having an issue with pump pressure building up and preventing you from starting it. Simply squeeze the trigger to relieve that excess pressure from the wand right before you pull to start it. Should do the trick. I have had to actually keep the trigger on the wand squeezed until the engine fires. This is pretty common. Some pumps claim to have "easy start" by redirecting the pressure built up in the pump so starting is much easier, but I haven't seen one system that would work great yet. Later!


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      Re: RIDGID 3800 4.0 Pressure Washer problems starting

      Thanks! I'll try it today it's the first time starting my machine and was pretty suprised when I couldn't get it started it seemed like the pully would not give way and got stuck. I have heard it's real easy to start and was suprised when I started having this problem. I will let you know how it goes and appreciated for the reply


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        Re: RIDGID 3800 4.0 Pressure Washer problems starting

        It worked I simply plled the trigger and pulled a couple times and it started with no pressure or friction on the pull start. I can't believe how powerful this thing is. I use to own a car wash and had a power washer that was supposed to be better and paid almost 4x the amount. This thing kills anything I seen.


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          Re: RIDGID 3800 4.0 Pressure Washer problems starting

          Good to hear it all worked out. I'm sure it is a powerhouse as it has a great engine and pump.

          The reason car wash type pumps cost so much is because they are built for longevity, maximum durability, etc. This includes the best components, belt drive setup, etc.

          Also, for washing cars you really wouldn't want anything higher than 700-1,000 psi max. Later!