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WD1245 12 Gallon Vac - Hose Size

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  • WD1245 12 Gallon Vac - Hose Size

    This is a very simple question for most of you, but I thought I would ask anyway. I need to extend the hose for my Ridgid Wet Dry Vac, WD1245 (the manual says WD1245/1635), in order to clean the fireplace while the vac stays in the garage, or outside.

    I honestly don't know the size of the hose for this model. I don't want to rely on holding a ruler across the end and hoping I am right (I'm not even sure how many sizes of hoses are out there).

    Anyway, I know this is an eye-rollingly simple answer for many forum members, and I am hoping one of you will help me.


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    Re: WD1245 12 Gallon Vac - Hose Size

    How far is it from your garage to your fireplace? The reason I ask is because if the distance is over 20 ft, the vac will loose a lot of it's suction. You'll also need to connect numerous hoses together to reach that far. Also, I have to advise you not to suck up hot ashes--it says it right in the owners manual.

    Anyway, you can buy a new hose at HD. It is item VT2520. The hose comes with different inlet adapters. If you install the red tab inlet adapter on your new hose, the accessory end of your old hose will fit inside the new hose--eliminating the need for an adapter kit. If you need the adapter kit, it is item VT1755.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: WD1245 12 Gallon Vac - Hose Size

      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        Re: WD1245 12 Gallon Vac - Hose Size


        If you are going to suck up ashes and soot you really must install a very good HEPA filter or you'll end up with fine dust passing through the filter, the fan(s) and motor. Then it will be blown all over the place. The RIDGID filters aren't all that great, but CleanStream has a very good filter. SEARS - Craftsman vacs are very similar (the right model) and they have more accessories and filters than Home Depot ever well. You may want to go by a SEARS store and try to obtain the special Power Tools catalog or if they only have one copy just give it a good look.

        CleanStream replacement filter which isn't cheap but is a great upgrade. -
        You want the good WET/DRY one and Sears sells it as -

        2-1/2 size basic shop vac hose that's 20 feet long! The Sears price isn't bad either. This should be very handy and especially for cleaning a flight of stairs. Just set vac at bottom and away you go. -
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