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  • router vac attachment

    I recently bought a ridgid router combo kit with a vaccuum attachment. Now I also own a ridgid shop vac, but imagine my disappointment when I found the vac hose is too big for the attachment. It seems pretty short sighted for the company to make it that way. I'm a little hesitant to hook it up to the house vacuum as the saw dust can really clog up filters. Are there some other attachments that will fit the shop vac?


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    Re: router vac attachment

    Ridgid provides their shop vacs with the larger standard hose size as it fits many of the larger tools. (like my table saw, router table setup, and even drill press table.) The larger hose is also more efficient at picking up debris without clogging.

    The smaller "standard" hose size is available through an adapter which should be available at Home Depot or other stores. I use the "automobile kit" which comes with an adapter, longer flexable hose, and carpet nozzle.

    You really don't want to plug the bigger hose into your router, even with an adapter, as it's too unwieldy and less flexible, thus hindering your control of the router. The smaller dia., more flexible hose will work much better.

    I hope this helps,

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      Re: router vac attachment

      Short sighted?? You don't really think that the only use for their line of shop vacs is to work in conjunction with their router do you Doc?
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