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R4510 extendable rail not level

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  • R4510 extendable rail not level

    Just bought a new Rigid R4510 Table saw and I'm a little dissatisfied with the operation of the extendable rail that slides to the right. The extendable rail does not sit level with the rest of the table unless you lift it up and lock it in place. Then even if it's locked you can still push it down so it's again uneven with the rest of the table. I'm worried that if I put a piece of heavy stock on the right side it will cut unevenly because I'll forget the lettle dip is there. We're talking a good 1/8 of an inch or so. Is this "slop" normal or should the entire top be level even if the extension is not locked? Also is this something that can be adjusted out to remove the "play" in the rail? Or should I be thinking more along the lines of return it to the store for a different one? The saw is only a few days old, and has never been used. Just took it out of the box yesterday.


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    Re: R4510 extendable rail not level

    I just purchased my R4510 yesterday and although they say everything should be square and aligned, I have found most items are not.
    I ran out of time last evening, however, I will check mine this evening. The manual does offer a procedure to adjust the extension table should it not be aligned as you described.
    Please look at the post I made with adjusting the bevel to 0 and 45 degrees. I would be curious as to how your saw is reacting. Can you simply move the angle to 0 deg. and the indicator stays there OR does the weight of the motor cause the indicator to flex from 0 deg.?
    (Don't mean to hijack your thread, but maybe we can compare notes)