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Finding warranty sheet printout

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  • Finding warranty sheet printout

    I went to register my recent combo-kit purchase and after registration was given a page to printout and mail in along with my UPC and receipt. I had printer issues and now I am trying to finish up the registration process before the 30 day window expires but I cannot find a page for the mail-in form to print out anymore. I can log-in and find my products listed on my dashboard. They all show the warranty as Three Years (LSA Eligible), instead of the lifetime warranty that is supposed to come with the product.

    Does anyone know where I can find this form or what I need to do to get the form?

    I would appreciate any help that can be given,

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    Re: Finding warranty sheet printout

    It will say that until you send in the required materials and as far as the form is concerned you just need to send in the receipts and the upc's and Ridgid will take care of the rest. I too forgot to print out the page a couple of times and everything was fine . Oh , if you can try to find your customer number and right it down and atleast send that in with it.


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      Re: Finding warranty sheet printout

      Make copies of everything you send in and keep them in a safe place. Also, it could take a few months before your tools show as LLSA covered in your Dashboard.
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