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Rigid OF45175 Compressor odd noise

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  • Rigid OF45175 Compressor odd noise

    I just bought this compressor and the first time i fired it up out of the box its almost like it has a "soft-start" feature or kicks on, and for like the first second or two its fairly quiet, and then gets noticeably louder, more like a standard portable air compressor, remaining at that db for the rest of the cycle.

    Does anyone else have one of these, and is it normal? My old PC that i replaced always made the same constant sound

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    Re: Rigid OF45175 Compressor odd noise

    When a compressor starts up it takes a couple of seconds to match the existing pressure in the storage tank, and when it does it begins to push the air against the existing pressure. this causes the valves in the head to chatter or float. this is a normal function of all reciprocating compressors, you should time the pump from a specific # say 100 to 125psi and keep notes on the efficiency of the unit. this is the best way of knowing how well your compressor operates. there is not much you can do about the noise it makes so long as it produces a volume of air that meets the manufactures specs.(unless of course there is a bearing or wrist pin knock, but that is another issue all together) as it is new there should not be any of those problems.