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R4510 Bevel adjustment question

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  • R4510 Bevel adjustment question

    This is hard to explain.
    After turning the beveling knob to 0 deg. or 45 deg., the blade always flexes back slightly, therefore, I am not getting a true 0/45 cut.
    I realize I have to lock the lever once set, but does this mean I actually have to crank the knob to stay at 0 or 45 and not take my hand off this knob and lock the lever simultaneously??

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    Re: R4510 Bevel adjustment question

    Thanks for the tip on the rail adjustment. I was able to adjust it and now the whole thing is level, rail included.

    About your post. I have the same thing here at the 0 end but not the 45. I have to hold it at zero and lock it or it moves backwards. At the 45 end it does not move at all after I make an adjustment. But it does seem as if there's something pushing it at the 0 end. I sure hope there is an adjustment for this too. Even though I suspect I could learn to live with it as annoying as it would be.

    I have not seen any other posts about this model so we may be on our own unless the problem has happened with other models. I suspect it probably has but no one has yet decided to respond. I will let you know if I find any solutions.



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      Re: R4510 Bevel adjustment question

      yes....mine was doing the same....only at the 0 and not 45.
      I believe I have it solved.
      The knob that adjusts the angle (connected to the lever height wheel) is the culprit.
      If you look through the front of the saw as you adjust the angle you will see the 2 sprockets that are "geared" to each other. You will also see a spring. Up until today, I thought these 2 sprockets were supposed to be always geared together.....but they are not supposed to be.

      They should sit offset to each other and only be geared together when you push in on the bevel adjustment knob. When you release the knob the sprockets remove themselves from each other thus taking off the pressure from the bevel adjustment and the indicator stays at 0. Last evening, the sprockets on my saw remained geared together....I thought it was supposed to be this way. Today, I heard something "snap" the spring released or something and problem was resolved.
      As a footnote.....on the power cord side tighten the nut there slightly for bevel adjustment as well.
      Hope this helps....feel free to email me privately if you wish.


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        Re: R4510 Bevel adjustment question

        Not sure if I have a similar problem or not. Have had mine about a week and have been setting it up. The problem is that I can't get the blade perpendicular by about 1-1.5 degrees (needing to be rotated to the right as you stand in front of the saw).

        There doesn't appear to be any room for adjustment as the blade mechanism (trunion ?) has a lip which contacts the bottom of the table top at this point. It would seem as if I have to file the table top to get more angle.

        Is this right ? Not sure if there is a simple problem or I should contact RIDGID.