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Can this jointer be fixed?

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  • Can this jointer be fixed?

    I bought this jointer 4 years ago when I started woodworking. I was younger and stupid and didn't know to check the out feed table to in feed table for being parallel to each other before continuing. I was doing a tune up and having the knives sharpened and thought to check the tables when I found the problem. Like an idiot I didn't register this product and happily took the Ridgid quality for granted. I'll not waste words, its my fault. Ridgid has pointed me to a warranty shop but this is to no avail because they don't do out of warranty work. Is there a way to fix this or am I just chasing a dead horse?

    ps. I have tried loosening the gibs and pulling up on it but the table is a dovetail slot and there is no slack.

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    Re: Can this jointer be fixed?

    a good machine shop should be able to resurface it, you may want to talk to a automotive machine shop and talk to who ever does the milling of heads, (my need to look to a shop that can do truck heads for the length of it), I do not know how far out it is but that is what I would more than likely do, or check into doing if it was mine and I was in a similar situation, (one would probably need to strip the machine down to the base and the tables no fence and guard or head or at least remove the blades)

    you could probably just take a few good pictures (put a tape or measuring stick in the pictures) at first to get a feel for a shop and what would need to be done. and a guesstimate cost of the work to be done.

    it would most likely be done some thing like this but would need to be a bigger machine than this Bridgeport,

    bring both tables to as close to level as possible and lock all the Gib screws down and lock tight and bolt the base to the table and shim if necessary to level from end to end, and then support the ends of the tables and then mill it off to where both sides are flat and in the same plane as each other,
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      Re: Can this jointer be fixed?

      Thanks BHD,

      I have attached pictures of my jointers problem. Its a manufacturing flaw by Ridgid and there is no way to fix the problem. I will be more careful on my future purchases.
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