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Ridgid 700 threader problem

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  • Ridgid 700 threader problem

    Just picked up a Ridgid 700 in so called "GOOD" condition off of EBAY. Came with everything and it looked really good hardly any damage or paint missing (which on a pipe threader is pretty good).

    I plugged it in and it turns forward perfectly no grinding or evil noises. Push the trigger the other way and it sounds like a locked rotor and it blows the breaker. No magic smoke or bad smells, and when I open it up there isn't anything blackened or looking amiss. The wires all look new and the rotor / brushes appear to be in good shape (more than 1/2" on the brushes left). I ragged off the contact surface on the brush / armature interface and a little oil came off but not enough to worry about. no obvious blow loops.

    I'm an electrician and I'm certainly not shy about taking tools apart, but before I go and "fix" this item or negotiate it's return to the seller on EBAY, especially because it is otherwise in really great shape; I'd like to know if it is a common problem (i.e. OH thats just a bad trigger / rectifier that isn't tripping the start coil properly).... How much are these to fix?


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    Re: Ridgid 700 threader problem

    not sure what is wrong with it, but the first thing that comes to mind is either a bad switch or it is wired wrong. Do you happen to have the wiring diagram for it?


    check this out.
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      Re: Ridgid 700 threader problem

      The switch is wired correctly.

      Does anybody have the combination / resistance values to expect from the coil and the start winding?

      I'm highly suspect that the coil is shot as two of the combinations that the switch creates have infinite resistance and I don't think that is propper.

      I eliminated the switch and put jumpers in and used the breaker to be the switch and still had a locked rotor noise.