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Jointer update coming soon????

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  • Jointer update coming soon????

    One fella on the woodnet forums found the Ridgid Jointer (in the box) for $114.50 in Georgia. I checked all the HD's in DFW and found the lowest price to be $323 BUT the store manager said that the jointer was on CLEARANCE and they are not ordering new ones.

    So, it seems to me that either Ridgid is getting out of the Jointer business OR they are getting ready for a new model. I think it is most likely that we are looking at a model refresh.

    BTW, the SKU number is 428428, so you can call your local HD and see if there is a bargain to be had. I think the discount is at the store or regional managers discretion but you never know if you'll find a great bargain...

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    Re: Jointer update coming soon????

    The assumption that Ridgid is coming out with a new jointer has been floating around this board for almost 2 years now. Eventually it probably will become a fact I suppose.
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      Re: Jointer update coming soon????

      There were lots of rumors and corresponding posts that the jointer/planer was being discontinued altogether; but as I recall, Probrand posted only a few weeks ago, that Ridgid (actually TTI, I believe) was continueing to make that product and that it was still available.

      While I suspect that there will be a time in the future when the product will be updated, who knows when that might be.

      I do know that it is not a big seller, at least in a lot of stores. A few weeks ago, it was reported that a down-state store (NY) had clearanced their inventory for just $200 plus. Wildly wishful, I checked the store here in the Corning area and also in the Binghamton area... no clearance prices at all.

      A check at my Corning-area Service desk, they tell me they have two in inventory, which they believe are part of the four they received when they were first introduced. They haven't sold one in over a year and a half.

      Also something to think about, is that many Home Depot stores are no longer displaying any of the stationary tools or in some cases are cutting back on what they display. It's still available, but I guess you have to have prior knowledge and ask them to order it for you.

      So, who really knows? "Clearance" does appear to be at the manager's descretion and I know our local manager doesn't clearance any NIB tool, especially not a tool like the jointer/planer. Even if a new one was available tomorrow, he'd keep it hidden in the back room for as long as necessary until the old inventory was gone!

      Bottom line, if you like what you see, buy it. If not, then find another brand. Waiting, just in case, could have you waiting for a very long time.

      Personally, I'm waiting for the day when Ridgid comes to the realization that Home Depot is not doing them any favors with their "exclusivity" agreement. It appears to many of us that Home Depot is more of a stumbling block in the product/customer relationship.

      But of course, that's just an opinion,



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        Re: Jointer update coming soon????

        fwiw, the clearance price may be store specific. for example, some stores in some markets have clearanced the dewalt 735 planer for $137, but others still have it for $650.
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