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Anybody Use Ryobi Tek4?

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  • Anybody Use Ryobi Tek4?

    Just curious if anybody has used/owns any of the new Ryobi Tek4 stuff. I think the noise cancelling headphones look awesome myself, yet there's gonna have to be a combo deal or mail in rebate for me to pull the trigger.
    I'm on "The List" and I love it!!

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    Re: Anybody Use Ryobi Tek4?

    I looked at those headphones, 'cuz I try real hard to take better care of my hearing (already have tinnitus.. thanks to the M-60 range, 1999, sans earplugs...). But IIRC these headphones only have an input jack. No built in radio. Also, noise cancelling works really well for prolonged background noises, but are they effective for impulse noise? E.g. air nailers

    Just a suggestion if you're looking for some great ear protection, take a look at Lee Valley's set.,42207
    They work really well for blocking loud sounds. I work in a 12' x 16' x 8'h workshop, with lots of stationary tools AND dust collector in the room. It's a veritable echo chamber. Anyway, this set also has a built-in radio and MP3 input plug. Battery life (AA's) is *excellent*, and they're reasonably comfortable (big overmolded ear bups), and don't interfere with my glasses. I used a zip tie to hold town the antenna (again, low ceilings). They're a bit bulkier than the TEK4 cans and orange, but anything's better than that pukey bright green, right? ;-)


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      Re: Anybody Use Ryobi Tek4?

      I have the head phones and they work as well as the Peltor brand I use at the range. I also have the motion alarm and use it in my truck bed (w/bed cover). The batteries last a long time.


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        Re: Anybody Use Ryobi Tek4?

        i have the camera. a little bulky, but pretty easy to use and takes a good video.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Anybody Use Ryobi Tek4?

          Some of those Tek4 tools look unique/interesting (laser level, jobsite motion detector, etc.). Some kitch sort of stuff also with these same tools, but still it's something. Shows that there is some level of forward thinking at TTI/OWT. Now, if only they can bring some of these additional tool ideas over to Ridgid's power tool lineup, but without the kitch factor.