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12 inch compound saw

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  • 12 inch compound saw

    I have the ms1250lz compound saw and it performs great for me. I haul/store it in portable tool trailer so I have to adjust it everytime for alignment since it is on an MSUV. However, I have a small problem and I was hoping for some advice. It seems that the locking pin on the back that holds the blade in the down and storing position has something jammed inside it. It is probably sawdust or a chip but I have blown it out with an air compressor and that didn't seem to help much. Is there a way to clean out the slot behind the pin?

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Re: 12 inch compound saw

    As an update,

    I kind of just dealt with the problem that I was having with this saw by putting a bungee cord around the handle and the miter adjustment. Today, I had a little extra time while the tools were out so I decided to make some effort to fix this problem. As it turns out, there is a set screw on the back of the saw that holds the pin in. I loosened the screw and slid the pin out and blew out the hole ridding any debris that was causing my problem.

    Just thought that I would post this for anyone who might have a similar problem.