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Router table for table saw

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  • Router table for table saw

    I have a Ridgid table saw, model TS3660. I would like to know if there is a table extension that can be used as a router table available.

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    Re: Router table for table saw

    Well, you could always just build one. For a factory made one, do a Google search for BenchDog.
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      Re: Router table for table saw

      The BenchDog ProMax is pretty much the cadillac of router table extensions for table saws.

      There are other purveyors, including Rockler, that have MDF / melamine extensions. MLCS sells a cast iron table extension, that appears to be based on the version 1 of the Bench Dog model.

      You can build your own for medium amount of effort. You still need a router plate, some sort of fence, and so on.

      I personally have the ProMax on my 3650, and would 100% buy it again. Excellent quality, fit & finish, durability is ... well, it's cast iron! Fence is excellent, plate is decent. Poke around online, as you'll find prices vary.