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ridgid ts 3650 switch key

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  • ridgid ts 3650 switch key

    I have a ts3650 TS that I love,however today I am running some dados and turned and knocked my key out of the switch. It was in the off position but when I went to reinsert it, it will not function! It will go in but when i try to turn on the switch it acts stuck and the key just pops out a little. The key appears to be complete and has no damage so I know that one of the legs didn't break off in the switch. I am shut down at this point and lost as to what has happened inside the switch. ANY thoughts or ideas would be very much appreciated!

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    Re: ridgid ts 3650 switch key

    with the saw unplugged, try looking into the slots. maybe something got lodged in there. does the saw blade turn easily by hand (again, try this only with the saw unplugged).
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