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24v Flash Light

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  • 24v Flash Light

    I have a 24v combo kit. A couple of months ago my last bulb went. I can not find a 24v bulb anywhere! Any suggestions? Thanks! -Jon-

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    Re: 24v Flash Light

    Most HD's carry them and they are made by Dewalt. When I went to get mine i had to ask for them as they were kinda hidden.


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      Re: 24v Flash Light

      Originally posted by zappedb4 View Post
      I have a 24v combo kit. A couple of months ago my last bulb went. I can not find a 24v bulb anywhere! Any suggestions? Thanks! -Jon-
      If I remember correctly when mine blew, I believe it is a 12 or 18 volt bulb. Some have posted on this forum that there is cutdown circuitry in the light. Pull the bulb and check the voltage.


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        Re: 24v Flash Light

        roadrash is correct, they use a 12v .7amp bulb, part #780036001

        your local service center should stock them


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          Re: 24v Flash Light

          Before you buy those incandescent lamps go to E-bay and find the CREE LED replacement lamp.
          You'll get longer run time, more light, cooler flashlight etc etc I think it's $19.00

          Review some of the other postings about flashlights and LED upgrades. You won't be sorry.

          Cactus Man


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            Re: 24v Flash Light

            Are all 24v flashlights the same. I thought I read a thread some time ago where some of the lights were limited in the voltage to 12v, while others were not. The thread was discussing the replacement of the bulb with an LED, and the modification was not the same in each case.

            Check the bulb to see what voltage you need to replace it with. I've seen the DeWalt 18volt bulbs at Lowes in 2-packs for something like $8.


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              Re: 24v Flash Light

              Pull up the old posts as we beat this topic to death.

              The Ridgid incandescent flashlight R849, R859 etc all have evolutionary variances. By this I mean the innards may have changed as production lines change. This can be a good thing.

              You can obviously see the various cosmetic changes etc.

              Some of the dual voltage 18/24vdc flashlights incorporate a regulator circuit so the lamp voltage is [about] 12vdc [under load]. This allows either the 18vdc or 24vdc battery to be used.

              Some of the original 18vdc flashlights did not sport any regulation and could exhibit an excess of 21vdc [no load] at the lamp socket.

              Most of the flashlights use a 14vdc type lamp thus it's really bright! but it has a short run life, it's fragile, and runs hot hot hot!

              Often many designs of flashlights use an under voltage rated lamp. This allows a brighter illumination at the expense of lamp life. Also by using an underrated voltage lamp your run curve, voltage VS current VS run time you can improve the specifications. Also many types of flashlights offer absolutely no regulation!

              OK so what to do? Again, read the older flashlight discussions.
              Then get a DC voltmeter and measure the voltage at the lamp socket.
              When you know what "operating voltage" you have, you can then determine your options.

              1. replace the lamp at $4.00 a pop!
              2. buy a cheap replacement over and over again
              3. investigate the LED options.

              For those of you using an older design 18vdc without any regulator you also have options..

              1. replace the lamp at $4.00 a pop
              2. order a voltage applicable LED
              3. order a regulator module from Ridgid and then go with a 12vdc LED [this is a costly

              Today the LED is becoming the benchmark. There are more LED options out there. You can even find a CREE LED with the same lamp base as the original flashlight ..thus plug and play. It runs about twenty bucks.

              Or, you can use a m-16 type LED lamp and modify the innards a bit. You'll get almost 30 hours of light on a 3amp battery. Again go read the older postings

              Cactus Man


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                Re: 24v Flash Light

                Thanks for all the input!