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Ridgid Jointer stoped working

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  • Ridgid Jointer stoped working

    My jointer stopped working. The moter still makes noise but the blades dont move. I unpluged it and the blades still spin, they are not bound up on anything. Anyone else run into anything like this?

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    Re: Ridgid Jointer stoped working

    Is the belt still attached? If the motor is just humming and not spinning the centrifugal start switch in the back of the motor may be bound up with saw dust (just blow it out with compressed air) or the start capacitor may be cooked


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      Re: Ridgid Jointer stoped working

      I unplugged it again to really give it a look over. I didnt find anything odd so I plugged it back in and poof, it works again. Odd but wonderfull.

      Thank you for the ideas.


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        Re: Ridgid Jointer stoped working

        Better check the pulleys for the set screws and key. That does not sound right for the motor to run and no blade movement, then work again. As said the centrifugal clutch also may be out of adjustment . That has a set screw too.


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          Re: Ridgid Jointer stoped working

          I reviewed this jointer on the Ridgid site some time ago. The article is at:

          You may have a dust-chip problem with the motor. The motor attaches by screws through four slotted holes in the dust chute and dust and chips can fall through them and get into the motor over time.

          Once you clean out the motor (you will probably have to remove it to do this) reinstall it and then put some quality tape (I used clear, 2-inch wide packing tape) over the slots to keep dust out of the motor area.

          That might fix your problem, provided you can free up the motor. However, even if this is not the problem covering those slots is a good idea.

          Howard Ferstler