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Drill/driver problem

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  • Drill/driver problem

    I have aR86006 that has a short in the trigger. I regestered it for the lifetime warrenty in 2009. I was told by a RIDGID employee at The RIDGID store in Gaffney, SC that I could take the tool to the repair facality in Anderson, SC for warrenty work in person. Was he telling the truth? George Maser 864-761-7223. Please call or e-mail to

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    Re: Drill/driver problem

    George....Welcome to the Ridgid forum. Normaly the responses to questions are posted in the thread that was started by the questioner. In this case, you.
    1) What RIDGID store are you refering to? I have never heard of one.
    2)If you scroll to the bottom of this page, click on Ridge Tool Co. and follow the thread you will be lead to a list of RIDGID authorised service centers. While you are at it read the information on obtaining service under the LSA.
    Good luck....Ray


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      Re: Drill/driver problem


      To follow up on Ray's advice, while you mentioned that you "registered" for the LLSA in 2009 (it still is 2009, isn't it? ), you didn't mention when you made the purchase. (BTW, the LLSA isn't a "warranty", but a "service agreement".)

      If it's been less than 90 days since your purchase, you can simply return the tool to Home Depot for an exchange or refund... you must have your receipt though.

      If it's been less than 3-years since your purchase, you are still covered under the warranty. If more than 3-years, you're going to have to make sure your application for the LLSA has been verified, as it usually must be done within a few months of purchase. (90-days, IIRC.)

      Either way, you need to contact the nearest (or preferred "authorized service center" as Ray stated and gave directions to the listing for). Generally speaking, service centers do not provide "walk-in/walk-out" service, as parts may not be in stock or the repair techs may have a backlog of benchwork. But of course, there can be an exception and you need to ask the repair center before you arrive, just so there's no misunderstanding or unrealistic expectations.

      I hope this helps,