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  • shaper fence question

    Howdy Y'all,
    I'm new to the sight and I need some advice. I just made a good deal on 1 1/2 hp Jet shaper. ($200.00) I decided it would be better than a router table, as it has both ¼” and ½” router bit collars and ½” and ¾” shaper spindles. I thought it would also let me keep my router free for other uses. My question is that the fence system is very limited in movement away from the bit, I was wondering if any of you folks have done, or heard, of using a different fence, like maybe a custom built? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks


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    Re: shaper fence question

    Hey bamafan. We only give help to yankees, not rebels!!!!......and from CA too. That's a double whammy.......oh, and welcome to the forum.
    Actually I think you would get a faster and possibly better response to this question if you moved it up to "Ask the woodworking experts" secction of this forum.
    Good luck...Ray


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      Re: shaper fence question

      I really don't have an answer to your question but maybe if you describe what it is that you want to do with your shaper that you can't do now that might help clarify the issue. It could be that what you'd like to do just isn't practical with a shaper as it is rather a specialty type tool.
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        Re: shaper fence question

        as long as what you have is properly fastened and is of adequate strength to support as not to create a hazard a custom fence is not a problem,
        I have a grizzly shaper of about the same size and have not had a problem only a few times. and I made a fence using a piece of ply wood cut out a U shaped cut on the front and ran one edge over the jointer, and clamped it to the top. and worked well,
        the edge through the jointer was to give an slight off set of the fence so the bit could take off the complete edge, of the board I was working with.
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