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R885 and 18V LiIon?

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  • R885 and 18V LiIon?

    I just purchased the R885 saw based on the dual voltage. I have an 18 volt LiIon battery set and I hope it works!! Any ideas on why it wouldn't? I will return unopened if you can give me a definate answer. Thanks

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    Re: R885 and 18V LiIon?

    We are a contractor and have had extensive experience with this saw over the last three years. This saw is definately a power hog and it is our experience that it needs the 24 volt batts to perform. Even with the 24 volt batts this saw is somewhat limited in performance. It is OK cross cutting 2X material, however is very challenged trying to rip 2X. It will cut up to 3/4" ply. I have tried using the saw with 18 volt batts a couple of times with no success.
    Other forum members have posted success with the newer circ saws designed for 18 volt batts and of course other brands have circ saws that perform very well with 18 volt batts.
    I would not recommend using the MaxSelect circ saw using 18 volt batts.
    Good luck....Ray


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      Re: R885 and 18V LiIon?

      No, it will work fine for you. I also have this unit, and use it with the 18 volt compact lithium-ion batteries (~1.5 Ah), as well as with the 24 volt XLi batteries. Now, as Ray said, there's a definite power, runtime, and RPM advantage to using the various MaxSelect tools with the 24 volt XLi batteries, but it will work fine for you with the regular 18 volt batteries as well. It all depends on what your usage needs/wants are - if you are just doing standard cuts on 2-by and plywood sheets, then there should be no issue for you. But, if you will use it as a rip saw to do length-wise cuts on 2-by stuff (something that you should really be using a table saw to do), then as Ray said, it may be a little bit wanting for you.

      But, if you just want it for standard cuts, then it's a great unit.
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