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  • Bevel cutting

    I have purchased some 3"x3" lamenated poplar to make a table base. It will consist of two quadrangels. The bottom of the base will be 52" 3x3 and the top will be a 22" 3x3. The angle of the vertical members will be 30 degrees. I would like to cut the 3x3s that tie the two quadrangles together 30 degrees to match the vertical angles. Two questions:
    Will a 10" table saw cut all the way through a 3x3 at 30 degrees?
    What is the best type of blade to use for this type cut?

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    Re: Bevel cutting

    I am in doubt that it will. A lot depends on the design of the saw, of course.

    My Ryobi (and some Craftsman models, which are made by Ryobi) has a 3-1/2 depth of cut at zero and a 2-1/2 inch cut a 45 degrees. Measured at 30 degrees, it is just 3 inches.

    By contrast, the Ridgid 2410 and the 4511 both have a depth of cut of 3-1/8 at zero and 2-1/4 at 45. At 30-degrees I am guessing it will be somewhere between 2-3/4 and 2-1/2 depth of cut.

    The two Ridgid saws are certainly more powerful and built with better materials (and much more expensive). But we're only talking depth of cut here and that is very dependant on the design of the saw, it's motor, and it's coveyance of power to the blade... direct, geared, belt-driven, etc. and the trunion design that supports all of that.

    A compound miter saw or sliding compound miter saw would probably be the better tool for such a cut, IMHO.