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  • New Lithium Battery Charger

    Hello All,

    I just purchased my first Ridgid product, the R86007 compact drill driver. I wanted a compact drill because I know that my corded drills are constantly physically too large to fit some of the jobs that I perform, I wanted something Lithium and at least 18 volts, and I didn't want a hammer drill because I've had the hammering part of other drills break before (If I need to hammer drill, I'll use my hammer drill) I also thought that for the same price I'd end up with a nicer standard drill than a hammer drill for the money. I wasn't terribly concerned with price, I have no apprehension with spending good money to obtain good tools, along with the lifetime service agreement and some very nice Popular Mechanics magazine shootout results I don't think that I could have chosen a better drill for my toolbox.

    I know that the batteries in this drill's kit come with a partial charge, but I wanted to top them off so that they were ready and full for this week's jobs.

    I put the first battery pack on the charger and came back about an hour later to find flashing red and green lights on the charger. This indicates a fault (either battery or charger) so I put my other new battery on the charger to test it and got the same results.

    Is there any way that because these batteries are new the charger doesn't see them charge within tolerance because I haven't drained them 100% yet, or do you think that I may have a DOA charger?

    Either way, I know I'll be taken care of and am not concerned at all, I just want to know where I should go from here to get this straightened out.

    Any advice?

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    Re: New Lithium Battery Charger

    Jim S -

    Reading your thread, I'd probably opt to return the drill and get another one of the same kind to correct the battery prolbem. You have a 90 day return policy that covers any immediate items that might occure like this. It's a darn good compact drill - I've got one and really like it's weight and handling features. Yeah, that Popular Mechanic comparison was a good comparion and I think you'll like it on a real world basis. Good luck.


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      Re: New Lithium Battery Charger

      The story gets better... I bought the last one that they had.

      There were several R8006 units, but I bought the last R8007. I thought that with a lifetime warranty, I'd be happier with the more compact chuck than the more deluxe one.

      I think that I'll try using the drill this week to empty the batteries and see if that ends the fluke.

      I know that on a car battery charger that we have at the racing shop, it reads a fault when you try to charge an already full battery because the charger doesn't like how fast the battery reaches 100%. The charger is almost too smart, if you will.

      We constantly will charge a car's battery when we unload after a race, and then charge 'er up the next week before we leave for a race, which generates errors from time to time.

      I'll see what happens this week and let you know. Thanks for the help!


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        Re: New Lithium Battery Charger

        try removing the battery from charger, the plug it back, try this a couple times, we have seen new batteries do this, let the charger evaluate the battery a couple time, they may start to charge


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          Re: New Lithium Battery Charger

          In the cases that you have noticed this, is it a situation of the battery not being 'broken in' or a case of the charger having a hiccup?


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            Re: New Lithium Battery Charger

            it is in the battery, we have had customers have this happen with new batteries off the shelf, also can happen with a dead battery or one that is hot

            you may have a bad charger, but not likely
            if there is a service center near you, take them in and test them on their charger or if you have a friend with a ridgid charger

            give it a try, let us no what happens


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              Re: New Lithium Battery Charger

              Well, it's Monday and I used my new drill all day and put some hours on the new batteries. After being discharged for the first time the charger filled those batteries up just fine.

              I guess I just jumped the gun trying to charge a new battery. Perhaps a sticker should come on new batteries that says to use them til they're dead before the first charge. That way nobody would cause a hiccup like I did and get worried unnecessarily.