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  • Power Washer

    I have a new power washer RD80701.
    I used it to wash with water and it worked fine.
    I put detergent in and could not get it to aspirate detergent from either container.
    The tubing looks like it is cinked. Can I get the tubing replaced.
    The system is less than a month old, bought from Home Depot.

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    Re: Power Washer

    You can pick up 1/4 inch clear tubing at Home Depot for about $5 and replace it yourself. It will be much faster than replacing it through Ridgid. Also Make sure you are using the low pressure soap nozzle, and of course set the control knob to which ever soap tank you are using. Hope that helps, Ern.


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      Re: Power Washer

      And/or, if the tubing is kinked, if it's near the end of a tubing run, then just cut that piece off and re-connect it with a fresh (non-kinked) end. It all depends on if the kink is near the end or not, and whether you'd have enough left after a cut.