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Skil DualSource change 12v to 14.4v battery?

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  • Skil DualSource change 12v to 14.4v battery?

    I know this is a Ridgid formum so please don't shoot me if I ask a question about Skil...
    I've got a Skil DualSource cordless drill that has a 12v (120BAT) battery. They don't make the drill anymore, but I like it. The drill is called a "dual source" and the charger also has an extension you can plug into the drill handle to use it as a corded drill. The original battery died after about five years. I got a new replacement 12v that lasted about a year, but that's another story. Anyway, the charger says it is good for 12v and 14.4v. Since I need to get a new battery, can I get the 14.4v instead (the 120BAT and 144BAT look the same and the charge says it works for both)?
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