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3000 2.6 GPM Washer

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  • 3000 2.6 GPM Washer

    Fires up fine.
    But when under load it drags then gets going... livable.

    However, when running no water is coming out of the end, but a lot is coming out of a different area of the pump (see attached picture.)

    Dunno what to do.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: 3000 2.6 GPM Washer

    remove the tip and see if water comes out of gun with engine off,
    check for water leaking from the thermal relief valve with engine off(black plastic cover you arrow point to)

    water should only come from the thermal relief when pump gets hot when engine running and not pulling the trigger for about 5 minutes, this is too keep the pump from over heating

    if water comes out with nozzle removed, nozzle is plugged
    if no water from gun, try unhooking the pressure hose from pump and flushing water through pump with engine off, should have water through pump


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      Re: 3000 2.6 GPM Washer

      Check the thermal valve when cold , if water comes out it is either defective or stuck open. If it happens and the pump is hot the pump is a problem. Never idle for more than a few minutes not allowing water to pass through, you can damage the pump esp. those axial cam types. I leave a very slight leak/bleed-off at the outlet hose so pressure will not stay spiked at idle, it will stop leaking when running. I use a gauge to set this. They do sell valves to do a similar function. Without a gauge you really do not know whay the PW is doing an can not set the unloader or even engine speed under load.