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45 degree cuts are off

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  • 45 degree cuts are off

    i have the ms 1290 12 inch sliding mitre saw. when locking the saw to 45 degrees to the left it cuts at 45 degrees, when locking to the right it does not cut at 45 degrees. the weird thing is that the blade and base are at 45 degrees

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    Re: 45 degree cuts are off

    I do not have the ms 1290, but do know that when slide cutting miters, especially from the right, the saw blade will push the wood along the fence, resulting in an off cut. Does it still not cut 45 if you just chop straight down? If it cuts good on the chop, then you need to clamp the wood better when slide cutting.

    Also, make sure your right and left fences are in line with each other. If the right fence is out of line, your reference for setting the blade at 45 is off.

    Just a thought

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